About the Giving History Page

Overview of the Giving History Page

The Giving History page lists the families and members who have given gifts or made pledges to funds in your organization.

Key elements of the page are identified in the callout links in the illustration below. Place your mouse pointer over a link (without clicking) to view a brief description of an element. For a more detailed description, click the callout link to jump to an explanation later in this topic.

Organization List

The organization associated with your ConnectNow login credentials automatically appears in the Organization list, which is located in the upper-right corner of the page.

If you manage more than one organization, you can select the organization whose records you want to view from the list. Click and then select the organization:

Rolodex Filters

As your list of givers grows, you will find filtering helpful for focusing on a particular type of information. When used together with the column sort function, the rolodex filters let you drill down and see only the records you want to work with.

For example, selecting the W filter and applying it to the Family column lets you view only those records of families whose last name begins with "W". The filter name and column are displayed in the Filter Criteria and Filter Column fields, as shown in the following illustration:

For information on using the filters, see How to Filter Records.

Clear Filter Button

Click the Clear Filter button to clear the rolodex filter settings.


The toolbar is located under the row of rolodex filters. The toolbar has two controls:

       # Records per Page menu

By default, the number of records displayed per page is set to 10. To display more records per page, select one of the other options:

To speed up page loading, select a lower value.

       Advanced Filter button

Click to display the Advanced Filter setup. The setup lets you specify multiple criteria to use in a search. For example, you can search for a giver using both the first and last names. For details on how to use the Advanced Filter, see Using_the_Advanced_Filter.

Click to clear the Advanced Filter.

Column Headers

Use the column headers to sort the information in the Givers list based on the contents in the column. For details, see How to Sort Records.

You can also modify the layout of the Givers list by moving the columns to different locations. For details, see How to Filter Records.

Donor List

The Donor list is a complete listing of all of the families that have given gifts and made pledges to your church. At a glance, you can see each family's contact information (email address and phone number) and the family's unique ID (Family DUID).

Each name is a link to the family's personal giving records. Click the link to view a summary and details of the family's giving and pledge commitments to your church. For details, see How to View a Donor's Giving History.

Page Controls

The number of pages in the Givers list is displayed in parentheses at the bottom of the page. Select a page number to go directly to that page in the list. Alternatively, click or click to page forward in the list.

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